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Title: Twinkle
Authorusakiwigirl  and sariagray  
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC17...YES.
Word Count: 1724
Spoilers: None!
Warnings: Sparkling Christmas-y smut. Seriously PWP.
Disclaimer: Everything I own can fit in my room. Torchwood does not fit. 
Author's Note: This was inspired by usakiwigirl 's lovely (see also; distracting and evil) icon. She did most of the work. I just wrote the first 350 words or so. This was comment!fic, so it hasn't really been edited much. But it's GOOD. She amazes me. I may have to hire her to write all my smut scenes.

As Ianto stepped to the door, he noticed that the light seeping out from underneath it was different. It was too dim to be the overhead light, but too mottled to be the reading lamp on the nightstand.

Warily, he pushed open the door. He knew Jack was inside; the trail of clothes had been very obvious. But just because it was Jack didn't mean that Ianto shouldn't be cautious. In fact, the need to be cautious exponentially increased because it was Jack. The door swung open slowly.

Ianto gasped. Even he wasn't particularly certain if he was more horrified or turned on. As he stared and his initial shock waned, he finally settled on the latter. Still, he wasn't going to let Jack get away with this too easily.

Sprawled out artfully on the bed, Jack looked up at Ianto through dark lashes. He had been planning on saying something seductive (or, at the bare minimum, vaguely suggestive), but Ianto hadn't said a word in a while and his face was unreadable.

"Er, Happy Christmas?" he hazarded instead.

"Were you attacked by Christmas aliens?"

"No! I thought...maybe, you know, it would be...."

"It would be what, Jack?"

Ianto crossed over to the bed and, kneeling on it, examined the careful draping of blinking fairy lights that covered his lover's naked body. They were mesmerizing; if he stared too long, he wondered if he could be hypnotized, if he would be susceptible to every suggestion of Jack's....

"Ianto? Anyone home?"

"Yep. Sorry. What was that?"

"I said I thought I could be an early Christmas present. I thought the lights would be more exciting than wrapping paper. Didn't you get to open one present early on Christmas Eve?"

Ianto nodded, still a little spellbound. Jack grinned and, moving cautiously, shifted himself over in a better position to kiss him.

"So what're you waiting for? Open me." Jack's voice had dropped an octave and came out a breathy whisper as he pressed their lips together.

After a few minutes of fervent snogging, Ianto pulled away.

"All right, all right. Just...turn them off, will you? No good if you get yourself electrocuted."

Jack grinned and nodded. He clicked the switch and the room was plunged into darkness.

Ianto cursed as he leaned back over towards Jack, hitting his head hard enough to see the Christmas lights that Jack had just turned off.

"Fuck it all... Jack, turn the blasted lights back on, would you?"

Even as he spoke, the colourful glow lit the room again, as Jack leaned forward in concern.

"Ianto... hey, you okay?"

"What the fuck kind of stupid question is that, Jack? Of course I'm not okay. I just tried putting my head through the headboard."

"You know, we can leave the lights on."

"I don't want..."

"They're low wattage. They won't hurt me; more importantly, they won't hurt you. And I wasn't planning on wearing them, you know. We can drape them over the headboard."

"Sometimes, Jack, you amaze me. I wasn't sure you knew how to use your big head when sex was involved. I thought all brain functions headed south with your blood flow."

"Hey! That's a bit rich, don't you think? I've seen you lose your head a time or two during sex."

"During sex is not the same as before sex. Come on then, get these lights off so we can get back to what we were doing."

"Now who has a one-track mind. I thought I told you that you had to unwrap me? I am your present, after all."

"Like coal in a stocking. Arse up then, if you want me to untangle this mess."

"Jeez, Ianto, you have about as much romance in you as a porn mag." Jack pouted as he shifted so that Ianto could start to unwind the string of lights from around his naked body.

"Soo... not looking for sex tonight, then?" Ianto stopped working, one eyebrow raised, as he looked at Jack in patent disapproval. The look screamed forced abstinence, take care of it yourself and decaf.

Jack sat up straighter, a look of pure horror on his face. "I never said that! Don't put words in my mouth!"

"If you want anything in your mouth, you better think first before opening it, then, hadn't you?"

Jack moved closer to Ianto, his face close and expression contrite. "I'm sorry, okay? This was supposed to be fun, not turn into such a big production. Maybe I'm guilty of not thinking things through all the way sometimes, but I really only wanted to do something for you for a change. Forgive me?"

Closing his eyes in a combination of exasperation and resignation, Ianto sighed, then leaned down to kiss Jack softly, his lips gentle as he slid across to whisper in his ear.

"You are guilty of not thinking it all the way through, Jack, but the results... well, they're usually more than worth it."

Jack turned his head, capturing Ianto's mouth in a kiss that threatened to melt his bones. Ianto clutched desperately at his shoulders, fingers digging into the muscle, leaving marks that on any person would bruise for days, but on Jack would be gone in hours.

Jack held nothing back, assaulting Ianto's mouth like a man starved for air, or dying for water. His tongue pushed insistently at the seam of Ianto's lips, diving in as Ianto gasped at the feelings that cascaded through his body. He didn't know how it happened - every time - but Jack had a knack of driving his rev counter over the limit with barely a touch. Ianto wasn't sure if it was his looks, his smell or something else, but his much-vaunted control usually disappeared with a rapidity that left him light-headed when Jack was serious about getting him naked.

Jack's tongue stroked along the length of his own, twisting and turning in a sensuous dance, before darting to count teeth and map the contours of his palate. A low groan that Ianto had no idea he was capable of making escaped, provoking an increase in pressure from Jack's mouth. Ianto felt as if he was being devoured, and if he was going to die anyway working with Jack and Torchwood, then this... this was the way to go.

Absently, through the foggy haze that clouded his brain, Ianto noted that Jack had managed to divest him of his jacket, waistcoat and shirt, leaving his tie loose around his neck. The man did have a manic fascination with this particular tie - a deep burgundy wine that Ianto chose simply to see the look in Jack's eyes as he walked past.

Ianto's trousers were undone and pooled around his knees as he knelt on the bed before he'd finished his previous thought, Jack obviously in a hurry to relieve him of all constraints. Ianto was naked and flipped onto his back as Jack whipped the trousers and pants off in a smooth motion. He felt his heartbeat increase tenfold - heart attack imminent - at the look on Jack's face as he surveyed his prize. Ianto wasn't sure any longer who was unwrapping whom, as he rather felt like he'd been stripped bare, and not just literally.

Jack's eyes were feral as he swung a leg over Ianto's hips, pressing his erection hard into Ianto's groin, dragging a muttered curse from him that his mother would have washed out of his mouth with soap for using. He dove in for another wild kiss, letting Ianto have equal share of the battle this time, as they bit at each other's lips and tongues, all the while thrusting wildly against each other.

Jack pulled back from the kiss, Ianto still holding tight to his lip with his teeth. Ianto was left with nothing more than the taste of blood on his tongue and the sight of Jack lifting himself up to slide smoothly down onto his achingly hard cock. As Ianto's breath left his lungs in a rush as smooth as Jack's slide down his shaft, he knew that Jack had planned this all along - well, maybe not being threatened with no sex and decaf.

Ianto snapped his hips up at the same time as he dragged a deep, ragged breath in, feeling Jack lift and drop in time with his own movements. There was nothing gentle about this, desire having taken over both of their bodies and minds and controlling all their actions. This was what Jack meant, the thought barely flitting through his mind, as Ianto grabbed Jack by the hips and flipped them over, looming high over him to drive fast and deep into his willing body.

Sweat poured off their bodies, as they raced to the peak together, Jack's muscles clenched tight around Ianto's cock. He teetered on the edge for a moment, feeling the gravitational pull that would send him soaring into space if pushed. Jack yelled something in a language that Ianto recognized, having heard it often at times like this, although he never knew exactly what was said, before his head tipped back and a hot, sticky mess splattered across his chest and stomach.

The sudden and violent tightening of Jack's arse was the push that Ianto had been both fearing and waiting for, sending him tumbling over the edge into a flashing maelstrom of coloured lights. His body convulsed, shaking and jerking for long moments, before he could pull in enough air to land safely, sprawled across the body of the man barely breathing below him.

Lights continued to flash behind his eyes, long after he'd regained some semblance of sanity. He raised his head warily, looking past Jack to the Christmas lights that had previously been sending a steady, colourful glow around the room. The lights were now blinking merrily, as if breathing hard along with he and Jack as they came down from their orgasmic high.

Jack twisted his head around to see what had caught Ianto's attention, a sheepish expression immediately filling his features. He held up one hand, the controller for the lights clenched tightly in his fist.

"Uh... I may have switched the settings on the lights... in the heat of the moment..."

Ianto dropped his head onto Jack's shoulder. Really, there was nothing he could say to that - absolutely nothing.

The End
Tags: collab, fanfic, jack/ianto, one-shot, torchwood

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